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301-A W. Market Street, Georgetown, DE 19947


302 E. State Street, Millsboro, DE 19966


I will fight for the education of our children and young adults.
- Vote to implement the best practices from our public and charter schools to improve our educational outcomes by 25-33%. (See snapshot below)
- Fight to provide educational opportunities that are merit based, not remove opportunities in the name of equity and equality.
- Fight to ensure all our children get the education they deserve to be successful in life.


I will fight to protect parental rights.
- Parents are an integral part of the development of our children. We must get them and keep them involved throughout the entire educational process.

- Decisions concerning a minor are not delegated to educators in our schools. My vote on the Board will always be for parents being involved in the decisions impacting their children.

I will fight to support our educators/teachers.
- These individuals are instrumental to the education of our children and the success of our country. We must fight to show them the respect they deserve and provide them with the resources to be successful.
- Hold teachers and administrators responsible for unethical and unlawful practices. 

- Fight for financial support that targets the students, not the administrators, in efforts to improve our educational outcomes and not "Woke" narratives.


I will fight against:
Woke curriculum replacing traditional education and indoctrinating our children and young adults.
Adults talking to minors about sex in our public schools.
Biological males competing in female sports.
Discrimination at any level.



Dr. Michael Bellerose was born on July 19, 1968. He grew up in a small town of New Hampshire and graduated from Concord High School in 1986. After attending the University of New Hampshire for one year, Michael enlisted in the United States Air Force and started his 28-year journey serving our country. His military career included various duties within Security Forces. However, his best years were as a First Sergeant protecting the health, morale, and welfare of every Airmen assigned to him. Due to his outstanding service, he was handpicked for the First Sergeant Academy. He served as Instructor, Director of Operations, Director of Education, and Commandant. Additionally, he was the lead facilitator for the Air Force Reserve Command’s (AFRC) Professional Development Center, facilitating leadership development curriculum across the country for thirteen years. His last four years of service he served as the AFRC First Sergeant Functional, serving over 53,000 Airmen around the world. Dr. Bellerose was never a traditional college student. He entered college in 1986 and earned his last degree in 2016. Throughout his life he was challenged in his military and civilian careers. When faced with these challenges, he would tackle them with continual education through traditional and virtual courses in Universities, Colleges, and Developmental Organizations. As of 2016 he has earned three Associate Degrees in Applied Science, a Bachelor of Science, Masters in Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership.  Today he flies the 787 Dreamliner for a Major Airline. His most precious accomplishments are being a Husband to his beautiful wife Kym and a father to a phenomenal young woman, Kinsey.


Dynamic leader, committed to creating an environment which enhances personnel and operational development, through deliberate strategic designs, enhanced communication, and education. 


American Airlines
First Officer Boeing 787 (2022-Present), First Officer Airbus 320 (2016-2022),

Captain Dash-8 (1998-2016)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 1998 - Present

  • Skilled leadership of aircraft and flight crew during high tempo operations

  • Motivational supervisor, enhancing crew performance and safety requirements

  • Experienced manager of aircraft maintenance and flight requirements IAW Federal Aviation Regulations and Operational Specifications

  • Expertise in network management, utilizing assigned crew, dispatcher, maintenance control, and airport operations to achieve mission success

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
January 2018 - Present

  • Founded the non-profit organization, with his daughter Kinsey, to support Veterans past, present and future

  • Orchestrates an annual Race4Warriors event to honor veterans who have served in the Middle East

  • Leads a team of over 200 volunteers to meet organizational goals, mission, and vision

  • Provides support to our Wounded Warriors and Homeless Veterans, while educating our communities and strengthening their bonds with our veterans

Air Force Reserve Command
Chief Master Sergeant, First Sergeant Functional

HQ AFRC, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia
August 2011 – August 2015

  • Advisor to the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Commander and Command Chief on enlisted issues affecting over 53,000 Airmen

  • Servant leadership and supervisory skills at the strategic level

  • Operations analysis, supporting 32 Air Force Wings

  • Formulated and implemented strategies to improve current business plans, policies, and procedures

  • Developed and implemented developmental strategies to optimize short- and long-term growth

  • Authored newsletters and leadership guides to connect and standardize process across the command

  • Sought after motivational speaker

USAF First Sergeant Academy
Director of Operations (2008) Director of Education (2009), Commandant (2010)

Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama 
June 2007 – July 2011
Educational Advisor to the Community College of the Air Force and Air University, maintained educational integrities and academy accreditation

  • Servant leadership and supervisory qualities at the operational/strategic level

  • Developed educational programs to meet Air Force doctrine

  • Provided leadership to Directors, Instructors, and Staff for achieving academy's goals

  • Experienced in building strategic plans and execution

  • Sought after motivational public speaker

  • Skilled in performance evaluation, conflict resolution, and change management

  • Researched and designed instructional methods to maximize student development

  • Skilled in event management and execution

Air Force Reserve Command Professional Development Center
Senior Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Development Course
Lead Facilitator/ Curriculum Designer/Trainer

Robins AFB, Georgia
September 2004 – October 2015
Summary of Skills:

  • Selected and trained course facilitators to enhance course objectives

  • Experienced in building teams and developing future leaders within the cadre

  • Designed instructional methods to maximize student involvement and educational outcomes

  • Skilled facilitator, received high ratings during all student and staff evaluations


Trident University International, Cypress, California
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership (2017)
Master of Business Administration (2009) 

Community College of the Air Force, Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Alabama
Associate of Applied Science: Instructor of Technology and Military Science (2009), Law Enforcement Technology (2006), Human Resource Management (2006)

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science (2000), Department of Education

DISC Evaluations (Trainer/Consultant), Professional Manager Certification (2011) Occupational Instruction Certification (2009) Shipley Communication’s 4-Lenses Assessment, CCAF Instructional System Development


Rotarian (Rehoboth/Lewes), American Legion, VFW, Chamber of Commerce (Lewes and Rehoboth/Dewey) Sussex Academy of Arts and Science INTERACT Founder (2022); Volleyball Coach: High School (2018), Middle School (2016/2017); Substitute Teacher (2016 – 2020).

Educational Snap Shots



"To empower every learner with the highest quality of education through shared leadership, innovative practices and exemplary service." 


Rigorous Standards
Early Learning
Equitable Access
Environment Conducive to Learning
Engaged Community


Traditional educational focus and curriculum advancement in our public schools should be one of our major concentrations. Prior to COVID, data showed our English Language Arts (ELA) and Math Proficiency has been dropping steadily every year. We are not meeting the Delaware’s Department of Education’s Mission: “To empower every learner with the highest quality of education through shared leadership, innovative practices and exemplary service”. Our district score card 2020-21: ELA 44.58% proficient; Math 32.02%. Sussex Academy, a Charter School in our district: ELA 77.8%; Math 57.23%.  If given the chance to serve on the school board, I would vote to implement the best practices from our public and charter schools to improve our educational outcomes by 25-33% for every student.   

Proficiency in English Language Arts (ELA) 2021-2022
DELAWARE – 42.36%
SUSSEX ACCADEMY (Charter) – 77.8%

Proficiency in Math (ELA) 2021-2022
DELAWARE – 29.48%
SUSSEX ACCADEMY (Charter) – 57.23%

Children living in poverty while attending school should be our focus. IAW the 2021 census, poverty is both diverse and inclusive. In poverty: White 64%, Hispanic 17%, Black 14%, Asian 4%, Others 1%. Our attention should be ensuring these students have the foundation of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Physiological, Safety and Belonging. We cannot satisfactorily support these students in education before these needs are met. We should focus less on a racial demographic and more on helping everyone in this population.

We have increased our spending per student every year; however, our scores have consistently dropped per year. We need a hard look at our budget and determine a better way to support our students' academic advancement through financial support. We need to cut financial support to programs that do not meet our Department of Education's Mission and Priorities to support the education of our children. 


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