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"I come from a family that has always valued our responsibility to the community. I want to work for you. We need to create and support an educational environment that will help our children flourish. We need to keep political narratives out of our classrooms and the strategic visions of our schools. We need to put our children first with the assistance and support from our parents. With over a decade of educational experience, and a proven track record of continual educational development, I know what it takes to support and lead on the Indian River School Board. If you want someone to support our communities, I am your candidate. If you want someone to blindly support local and federal teachers unions, I am not. Please cast your vote in May to support our children and the communities they live in."




There is an old African proverb that says, “it takes a village to raise a child.” I believe this to be true. There must be a strong relationship between parents and their community when raising their children. A big element of our communities is our schools. Schools have been and will always be an important part of the development of our children. However, they are not and do not replace the duties and responsibilities of parents. The duties and responsibility of schools is to teach academic curriculum while providing a safe environment to enhance the educational experience. Teachers are responsible for academics, such as: reading, writing, arithmetic, science and history.  This is part of the contract we, parents, have with our schools. School staff members who break this contract must be identified and held responsible for their actions. Together, we can raise children in our “village” ready for the challenges they will face outside the educational environment.


Recently, parents have been made aware of topics such as Critical Race Theory being taught in our classrooms because of virtual learning due to COVID. This should not have been the case. There must be transparency between our schools and parents. The Delaware Department of Education, local school boards and schools must provide simple overviews of school curriculum. Finding out that a white student was told they are privileged, and a black student is disadvantaged in life after a curriculum has been delivered is inappropriate. This is an example of abuse of a school’s authority in our communities and must be stopped.


It is the responsibility of our School Board to ensure our schools have the capability to challenge our students in the educational environment. We cannot follow states like California and eliminate advance classes to make everyone “feel” equal in education. Everyone isn’t equal. Some students excel in math and others in writing. Some students excel in music and others in sports. In all cases, our duties should be to provide an avenue to challenge our children (students) to be better. Challenge them to elevate everyone’s performance. In the sporting world, it has been proven athletes develop the greatest when they are not the best person on the team. When the “bar” is set high, people have something to reach for and development occurs naturally. This is no different in the classroom. When we provide advance educational opportunities, students will continue to grow and learn. If we set the “bar” low, no one will develop to their true potential. If we set the “bar” high, step back and watch our children flourish.


We must do everything we can to protect our children while competing in school sports. To quote numerous people of leadership, we must “follow the science.” A biological male is different than a biological female. Sports have nothing to do with how you “feel.” But everything to do with your body’s anatomy. In comparison to lungs alone, a female (same age and height as a male) has a lower maximal aerobic power. Additionally, during heavy exercise, women demonstrate greater exercise induced arterial hypoxemia, limiting their maximum exercise intensity.  Therefore, a biological male has an advantage over a biological female in relationship to maximized intensity during a sporting event. Hence, they are not competing on a level playing field.  Therefore, female sports should be limited to biological females and male sports should be limited to biological males in a public or charter school environment.

With all this being said, students who identify as a different sexual orientation may still compete in the sporting event of their biological category. We should never prevent our children from participating in sports, while protecting every competitor to a fair and safe environment.


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